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K9 tactical gear has patches and bite equipment. Military, police, and K9 trainers get custom attire. They provide more than harnesses, collars, and leashes. They have trustworthy, lasting equipment.  This alternative, made of durable latigo leather, protects the dog's neck and distributes pull weight evenly. Permeable felt makes this Ray Allen dog collar comfortable. 20" or 24" long, 1.5" or 2" broad. Handles or not. 

The Icon Air Harness costs $294.99. Price-justified features. This 2,000-pound tactical dog harness is ventilated to prevent overheating. Chest and belly are padded, and the harness doesn't hinder mobility. Assistance dogs can see ID Panels' Velcro strip. Front V-ring and GT Cobra buckles. The three handles make lifting, lowering, and rappelling the dog easy. The tactical dog harness helps elevate the dog's weight. Ray Allen Icon Air Harness accessories are available on their website. The size varies. There's black, coyote, gray, and ranger green. 

Kinetic Duty Harness is a SAR and detection harness. Styled and lightweight. It's $104.99-$109.99. It's easy to put on and take off and grows as your dog does. Its link ring enables dog tracking. Popular K9 tactical harness for deep-chested dogs. Double Velcro allows for badges and name tags. No metal hinges or springs scratch a sprinting K9 with the 500-pound polymer buckle. Black, coyote brown, gray, multitone black camo, ranger green. 

$105 from Ray Allen The Brahma-webbing Trikos Dog Leash has been tested with working canines. It feels like leather but won't harm the handler's hands. The load-rated carabiner can secure dogs and be a 6-foot leash. It has a stainless steel swivel, a diamond-closing carabiner, and riveted stitching. Waterproof and portable. The quick-release clip is great for high-diving K9s. Durable material permits dog modifications. Strong 6-foot, 1-1/2-inch leash. Dark. Compact Leather Lite Tracking Harness, $64.99. Hunting, tracking, and daily usage. The leather-backed fleece chest pad is comfy and controllable. The leather-backed fleece cushion under the harness's D-ring reduces dog discomfort. Durable stainless steel finish. Sizes range from X-Small (16-22") to Large (22-28") " (26" to 34"). 

The $29.99 to $36.99 Oiled Leather Leash is reasonable. Oil softens, strengthens, and preserves leather. Brass snaps on the slot braid highlight the military dog gear's excellence. Burgundy leash. 

Ray Allen sells biting suits, harnesses, leashes, collars. Their website sells K9 gear and components. Five stars for the $79.99 Faceguard Helmet. Face, neck, and head protection. Helmet back contains adjustable hook-and-loop clasp for snug fit. Each dog's ear features three ventilation holes to facilitate training. Vinyl cushion has high-density foam. Detachable seven-hook-and-loop face cage. Side, rear, and front neck coverings cushion the user's throat. (22.5-23) "(by head circumference) and X-large (23.5" to 24") 

The $39.99 Neoprene Gauntlet protects the wearer's arm from pain or injuries. It's pleasant and reduces pinching. This boosts the dog's confidence when biting. 14 "neoprene lining. 

Undergarment Tactical Suit Jacket and Pant protect while training. $724.99-1,149.99 It's for expert decoys to imitate a dog's environment. The tight fit mimics street wear, is lighter to reduce fatigue, and gives protection during takedown training. The K9 has a distinct smell profile to work with, which is handy if the user is disguised during training. Full-body costumes allow dogs to target more areas without injury, increasing obedience. The shoulder-to-armpit area is flexible, and the vest's sleeve is included so the back is not a single piece. Sizes include medium, enormous, and X-large. 

Service dog training requires rewards, for example. $17.99 to $54 biting suit tugs reward agitation training or smell tracking. Normal play requires flexible grips. Because the toy feels like the bite suit, it helps train a dog. This healthy dog treat includes one and two handles. 

The Blue Radiopaque KONG is 25% harder than other pet store KONG toys, is puncture-resistant, and costs $11.99 to $19.99. Splinter-free, non-toxic rubber. X-rays will show whether a dog consumes it. KONG only. Available in medium, large, and X-large (3 x 5). 

A $10.99 Julius K9 Treat Tug with Velcro motivates and focuses dogs throughout training. The soft cotton/nylon blend provides a nice grip and a secure Velcro fastening. 7.87-inch tug is multicolored. 

Ruff Dawg XL Ball is $18.99. The ball may bounce, float, and take damage. FDA-approved, 3.5-inch diameter, won't harm dog teeth. Green, yellow, pink, and orange are easily detected by dogs. The toy's several functions keep the dog from becoming bored.


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